“…creates a home like no other…very attentive to detail, and his designs are very unique with optimal functionality….excellent communication skills by keeping us in the loop at every turn. We could not have chosen a better architect to meet our needs!”

S. Barton, Denver, CO.

“…the home is beautiful, and I have repeatedly received compliments on the gorgeous exterior and the quality of the home. He takes pride in his work, and delivered a great home.”

A. Mayberry, Anchorage, KY

“Denis Littrell has designed our dream home. He took the time to listen to what we truly wanted and offered suggestions when we needed help. He takes real pride in the projects…we couldn’t be more pleased.”

K. Byrne, Anchorage, KY

“Mr. Littrell is a very talented architect and builder! We have had people come to the door and ask who built the house…a professional in every way, from his attention to detail to his knowledge of products and the best sub-contractors. He will give any project, regardless of size or type, his professional best!”

L. Surbeck, Louisville, KY

“Mr. Littrell built a beautiful home for our family! He listened to our every request and followed through very professionally in all aspects of the home building process. Mr. Littrell and his team pride themselves on quality and it shines through to this day. I highly recommend Denis Littrell and Associates “

L. Petty, Pewee Valley, KY

“Your attention to detail and your answer to every question we raised convinced us that you were the right person…Affection for our home grows every day…everyone who visits is very complimentary of its looks, which makes us feel even better.”

E. Asseff, Plano, TX

“Denis Littrell is a masterful designer of classic houses who always incorporates innovative twists that enhance the architectural details and increase the livability…He makes the collaboration a pleasure and, ultimately, a success.”

S. Moloney, Key West, FL

“…he sincerely cares about any project attached to his name…He is openly communicative and realistic when it comes to project timelines and procedures. He does not over promise and listens to what is most important to his clients. I will not hesitate to work with Denis again in the future.”

K. Kirschner, New York, NY

“We were very pleased with his knowledge and expertise as we went through the house-building process. We have been in the house for almost 5 years and it is definitely my dream house.”

S. Grammer, Pewee Valley, KY

“Design & execution prowess first come to mind when I think of Denis Littrell and his company… I pay special attention to details but Denis one-ups me and does a spectacular job. I wholeheartedly endorse Denis Littrell.”

R. Levin, Louisville, KY

We worked with Denis from early concept discussions, through the design process and finally construction. We have been greatly impressed with his ability to take our general home ideas and designed a beautiful, unique and functional house that exceeds our expectations. Denis listened and responded thoughtfully to our input. We collaborated well and the final result is a stunning home that fits how we live. Truly, we could not be any happier with the result.

Susan F , Seattle, WA

“…The professionalism, creativity and solid relationship with Denis is nothing we could find in anyone else.”

D. Pope, Prospect, KY

“I give my highest recommendation to Denis Littrell & Associates…..he has a conceptual vision second to none…Things that I would have never thought of were specified and addressed up front…The quality of the construction is top rated and very detailed. On time and on budget! “

T. Pope, Prospect, KY

“…the work they completed was beyond my imagination. The house turned out beautifully and on budget.”

V. Killifer, Baltimore, MD

“…Expertise from design stage of project all the way through completion of construction…Made project seamless and much smoother given the understanding of the vision and design which translates into the final product. Extremely attentive to detail and most importantly, treats your money as if it were his own! We appreciated that most of all.”

J. Dombroski, Memphis, TN

We chose Denis Littrell and Associates to design a multi-generational family home for us on property that has been in our family for eight generations. From the first meeting, Denis listened very carefully to our unique requirements and was able to translate those quickly to paper. It was a very efficient process….Denis was always engaged, no matter how small the detail….we are very pleased with the quality of the design and happy to recommend Denis.

R. Brown

Atlanta, GA

R. Brown, Atlanta, GA